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Hinode (Solar-B)

Hinode (Solar-B)


Hinode is a publically funded mission; therefore, it has an open data policy. However, a lot of hard work goes into researching, developing, coordinating, operating, and preparing user-friendly, scientific-quality data sets from such a complicated set of telescopes.

So please be sure to acknowledge appropriately and let us know what you publish so that we can acknowledge your contributions as well!

Full instructions for how to do both:


- Acknowledgement to Hinode

When you publish your work on Hinode data, we would like to ask you to acknowledge the Hinode mission as follows:

"Hinode is a Japanese mission developed and launched by ISAS/JAXA, with NAOJ as domestic partner and NASA and STFC (UK) as international partners. It is operated by these agencies in co-operation with ESA and NSC (Norway)."

We would be grateful if you could place more detailed acknowledgement:

"Hinode is a Japanese mission developed and launched by ISAS/JAXA, collaborating with NAOJ as a domestic partner, NASA and STFC (UK) as international partners. Scientific operation of the Hinode mission is conducted by the Hinode science team organized at ISAS/JAXA. This team mainly consists of scientists from institutes in the partner countries. Support for the post-launch operation is provided by JAXA and NAOJ (Japan), STFC (U.K.), NASA, ESA, and NSC (Norway)."

- Entry to Hinode publication list

On publication of your papers using Hinode data, it would be particularly helpful if you could inform us the reference so that we can keep the record of brilliant works on Hinode. Please send the reference to: Publ_hinode AT

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